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Bonnti Is Helping Women Of Color Navigate The Hair Industry With One Click


Bonnti Is Helping Women Of Color Navigate The Hair Industry With One Click

Bonnti is a new mobile platform that is helping women of color find a hairstylist. In turn, Bonnti is providing opportunities for hairstylists to build a community, showcase thier work, and to provide recruting opportunities for talent in the hair industry.

Women of color have a variety of hair textures and styles. We wear our hair from natural to relaxed to braided to weave and more. This variety often presents challenges on finding the right hair stylist to meet our needs.

Bonnti is changing the way women of color navigate the hair industry. The mobile application, which is available at the Apple Store and Google Play, is a source of hair inspiration, community engagement, and stylist connections. Bonnti is helping women of color understand hair industry politics by creating a community for hair support and professional growth.

The mobile application, launched in August 2017, was created by two childhood friends turned business partners – Maude Okrah and Simone Tetteh.

Maude Okrah has a background in global business strategy and startups. Simone Tetteh served as a Booking Editor for Vogue, where she was introduced to the best stylists in the world and learned first-hand the struggles and challenges faced by women of color stylists. She also managed content for Amazon’s fashion verticals.

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