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Check the Condition of Your Skin using the Beautecam App

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Check the Condition of Your Skin using the Beautecam App

Beautecam is a ‘Skin Care Application’ that lets you check your skin’s condition by equipping your iPhone or iPod Touch camera with a special magnifying lens (sold separately) to take a magnified photo of your skin.

Check out its features:

◇ With a skin check, you can see your skin’s beauty level from the image you took of your skin! You can check from the angle of texture, lines, pores etc.

◇ You can check the pores of the troublesome or the texture of your cheeks without going to a cosmetics counter or salon!

◇ Innovative design lets you check your skin whenever and wherever you want with just the magnifying lens! You can also take a picture now and check your skin later!

◇ The magnifying skin lens was renewed with a color correcting function and a clip-on system (PTC. P.). You can buy the new lens from within the app (the new lens is now on sale at and!).

Download the app here.


Featured image via Rizzo Lady.

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