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Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute Introduces Breakthrough Hair Loss Technology With Embryonic Stem Cell Injections


Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute Introduces Breakthrough Hair Loss Technology With Embryonic Stem Cell Injections

New Procedure Provides Hair Loss Candidates With Regrowth In Two-Fourteen Weeks With No Surgery

Hair restoration experts at the Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute recently announced the breakthrough technology of Embryonic Stem Cell Injections to treat hair loss. They have the distinction of being one of only three hair loss centers in the United States to offer this revolutionary technology. The procedure is effective at strengthening existing hair and growing new hair without having a surgical procedure. Patients can begin to regrow hair in as little as two to fourteen weeks.

According to Lisa Hammond, Medical Director at Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute, “The beauty of this treatment, is that there are no complications, no contradictions, and most importantly, no failures. It works on everyone.”

About Embryonic Stem Cell Injection Therapy:

The procedure involves BioD Amniotic/Placental ECM (Extracellular Matrix), or BioD Restore. BioD Restore is a human-derived ECM allograft produced from medically screened, sterile harvested cryopreserved donor placental tissue. Placental tissue is an ECM that is protected from rejection. It stimulates Stem Cells and rejuvenates/repair the skin and hair follicles. And because BioD is made from a human placenta, it is automatically protected from rejection. So it promotes healing and new growth.

About the Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute:

For more than two and a half decades, the Denver hair transplant experts at Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute have assisted thousands of clients restore their scalp and facial hair. They offer high quality hair transplant services at affordable prices, To learn more about the Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute visit or call (303) 857-5799.

Press release originally appeared on PRweb Featured image via Merchant Circle.

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