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Connecting the best barbers with the clients who need them with theCut

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Connecting the best barbers with the clients who need them with theCut

theCut is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience.

24/7 Online Booking

Schedule your next haircut when it’s most convenient to you. Whether you’re going to see your usual barber or need to book an emergency haircut, theCut makes the process super simple. Check your barbers availability and services before you head into the barber shop. Select your ideal date and time, then arrive right before your scheduled appointment.

Mobile Pay

Clients, pay for your haircut ahead of time, all through our app. Set up your credit or debit card, then select your tip amount and pay with a few simple clicks. No more ATM rushes before your haircut.

Barbers, reduce the amount of cash you have to carry around. Send your payments directly to your Venmo or bank account. Receive your payments within 1-3 business.

Leave a Review

Share your experience with the world. Once you’ve completed an appointment you can review your barber and rate their skill. Show thanks for latest hair cut and help others in their decision making process. Build the theCut community and reduce the uncertainty at the barber shop. Trusting a new barber can be difficult. theCut makes it easier.

Availability: Nationwide.

Learn more hereFeatured image via theCut/ iTunes.

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