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Cut through the non-sense and be your own beauty expert with this data-driven platform, Mira

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Cut through the non-sense and be your own beauty expert with this data-driven platform, Mira

Mira is the first and only startup to bring a data-driven approach to online beauty content discovery. The team at Mira is building a smart search and discovery platform for beauty. They are amassing a data asset that combines indexed beauty content, including tutorials, influencers, reviews, images, articles and product descriptions, into a cosmetics “knowledge graph.” They are enriching this data with artificial intelligence (marking mentions of specific products and auto-summarizing them, registering influencers’ facial characteristics, etc.) and making it searchable via intelligent categorizations. (The user’s facial features, an upcoming event, etc.) Finally, they are exposing this knowledge graph to end users through a search interface that takes into account the idiosyncrasies of beauty content discovery – users’ facial characteristics are used in concert with their expressed preferences to hop intelligently between related content. This is a fundamentally creative pursuit empowered by bleeding-edge technologies and an incredible team with backgrounds at Stanford, Palantir, Facebook and

Learn more about Mira Here!  Check out their article ‘Deep Learning for Cosmetics’ here!

Don’t forget to check out the demo of the Eye Embedding Visualization below.

Featured image via Mira/Medium.

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