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DIY Gel Manicure using a USB Cord and Power Charger

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DIY Gel Manicure using a USB Cord and Power Charger

PROS: Amazing, brilliant shine, lasts for several weeks without chipping, looks more fantastic than a regular nail polish manicure.

CONS: The price tag – Salon gel manicures can cost anywhere from $30-50 (with pedicures costing even more); the application process can be time-consuming and complicated, requiring multiple steps and different products along the way (basecoat, topcoat, cleanser, color, etc.); usually you need to do gel at a salon with the equipment and help of a professional (which means booking in advance, getting there, and waiting for it to be done).

This is why Le Mini Macaron was created. The creators believe that girls everywhere should be able to enjoy gel at home, without having to pay a ridiculously high price or needing to go into a salon to get it done.  Your manicure should be FUN but also SIMPLE.

Learn more about The Le Mini Macaron here.

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