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Elvie, The Small Yet Powerful Exercise Tracker for Your Pelvic Floor

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Elvie, The Small Yet Powerful Exercise Tracker for Your Pelvic Floor

Meet Elvie | The award-winning kegel exercise tracker

Defy gravity

Regain control and core strength. A strong pelvic floor helps prepare your body for the strains of pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and impact sports.

Instant biofeedback

See your pelvic floor exercises in real time with the Elvie app. As you squeeze, the gem lifts, guiding you through the workout.

Game on!

Challenge your fast-twitch muscles with Speed or build endurance with Hold. Our experts have designed six unique exercises to give your pelvic floor a full workout.

Your most personal trainer

Set tailored targets based on your strength and go from novice to guru in no time. It only takes 10 workouts to move up a level and unlock new games.

Fast results

Get motivated by tracking your results on the dashboard. Improve week by week and beat your personal best!

Got five minutes?

That’s all it takes. Whether your goal is to maintain fitness or regain strength, there is a workout program to suit you.

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