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Get gorgeous with the beauty app, MiaMia!

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Get gorgeous with the beauty app, MiaMia!

If you really think about it, the beauty recommendations you trust the most come from your girlfriends.  If your best friend’s skin has suddenly started to glow, you want to know how she’s doing it, because you’re seeing her real face in real lighting.

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of having to frantically text her from the drugstore beauty aisle asking about the lipstick shade she wore “you know, that one time”, you could both store your beauty products in an app that’s easy to reference with just one swipe on your phone?

The creators of MiaMia built the app to give you an easy way to share and discover beauty secrets, store products so they’ll never be forgotten again, create and index your favorite looks (e.g. “date night smokey eye”), and buy coveted products with just a few taps.  The MiaMia Beauty app is a one-stop shop meant to feel like an old-school sleepover, reimagined for busy adults who live in a digital world and with infinitely better party favors.  Come, and get gorgeous with MiaMia.

Learn more hereFeatured image via MiaMia Beauty.

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