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Glamsquad Just Launched Its Own Line Of Haircare Products


Glamsquad Just Launched Its Own Line Of Haircare Products

When Glamsquad launched in 2014, they forever changed the hair game. The on-demand styling service could come to wherever you needed to get your hair and makeup done, whether that was your home, hotel room, or office. And now they are bringing us yet another step closer to banishing bad hair days for good: Glamsquad just launched their own line of hair products. The curated collection includes The Untamed Texturizing Finishing Spray, In-Between Dry Shampoo, Beachy Wave Spray, Re-Treat Hair Treatment, Essentially Multitasking Oil, The Iconic Blowout Lotion, Full Effect Volumizing Mousse, and Take Hold Flexible Hairspray. Amy Shecter, Chief Executive Officer of Glamsquad, gives us the scoop.

Why did you decide to launch a product line now? From Glamsquad’s inception, we’ve approached the business with the goal of being a beauty and lifestyle brand powered by technology, with the mission of empowering women to look and feel their best. Consumers are currently seeking out luxury experiences that are curated specifically to fit their lifestyle. And when it comes to these experiences, they expect a high level of personalization and immediacy. We’re certainly in a moment where convenience is critical, and Glamsquad is uniquely positioned at the forefront of this shift. Our objective is to provide our consumers with the most elevated, personalized and convenient experience, therefore launching product was a natural next step and has been years in the making. Glamsquad is an innovative beauty brand that connects our community of beauty enthusiasts through in-home experiences, so the natural next step for us was to develop best-in-class product that could be sold to the consumer in a highly personalized scenario.

How did you decide on which products to launch first? We’ve completed over 500,000 appointments since our 2014 launch and 60% of those services have been hair. Hair is our most requested service, therefore, we began our product journey by starting with the products our beauty pros and consumers use the most. When conceptualizing our first foray into products, the insights from continued conversations with consumers and professionals helped us determine that hair care was the perfect place to start. The feedback we received gave us the intel we needed to create the most requested, most effective and most efficient products that cater to our customers’ specific needs.

How did Glamsquad have a different approach to R&D? Our R&D comes from the feedback we receive from our beauty pros and our clients via the in-home experience. The in-home experience becomes the unique micro lab that fuels this feedback loop. This data is our super power that drives the product development process and allows us to meet the personalized needs of our clients. This continuous communication between our beauty pros and our clients allows their relationship with Glamsquad to evolve and become more connected. We’ve created the structure for a positive and collaborative process between the Beauty Pro and the client, using our service as a platform to gather ongoing feedback and requests. The more feedback shared by our beauty pro and client communities regarding the product efficacy, style inspiration, results and needs, the more information we have to improve the line and meet the needs of both parties.

How did you use information from all of the Glamsquad appointments to shape the line? This brand was founded on the feedback we received from our clients and our beauty pros. We used our unique human-to-human connections in our office, pro sessions and consumers’ homes to curate feedback throughout the production process and adjust the product accordingly. This breakthrough approach to product creation has never been done before and Glamsquad is leading the way. The strength of this approach was being able to connect with a broad range of hair types and textures, and therefore, we spoke to as many women as we could to get the best insights to ensure the end result reflected the breadth of women who use our services.

Article and image originally appeared on Forbes.

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