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How blend-it-yourself beauty is using technology to micro-personalize products


How blend-it-yourself beauty is using technology to micro-personalize products

As beauty becomes more personal, customers want to become their own experts, and advanced technology like artificial intelligence is helping companies provide this en masse.

Blend-it-yourself, or BIY, is the idea of picking individual ingredients and blending them together to create a product that is a perfect reflection of your own needs. Some companies rely on personalized online quizzes to develop formulas using artificial intelligence that are then shipped to you, and some companies allow the individual to take control over the blending process.

LOLI, which launched in March as an e-commerce shop with pop-up blending bars dedicated to natural food-grade ingredients, allows customers to shop online; order all-natural, organic and sustainably harvested products like blue cornflower water, prickly pear seed or wild yam root; and mix them together in the comfort of their home to create either a face or hair mask or use them individually for hair, face and body. Belle Bar which launched in early 2017, incorporates a similar BIY concept for hair and face masks. Then there are companies like Prose, Skin Inc. and Function of Beauty, which provide a micro-personalized experienced, using AI to provide a deeper and more nuanced approach.

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