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iBand | Because Dreams & Sleep are vital for optimal health and happiness

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iBand | Because Dreams & Sleep are vital for optimal health and happiness

Meet iBand+

  • EEG brain sensing functionality
  • Integrated health tracking sensors
  • Auto learning software algorithm
  • Audio-visual stimuli through RGB LEDs on iBand+ and compact pillow speakers
  • iBand+ app with pre-loaded audios, provides sleep statistics and improvement suggestions


  • The headband strap made of high quality soft and breathable fabric for superior comfort.
  • Low power Bluetooth 4.0 module that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone.
  • 4 LEDs placed at interpupillary distances (eye distances) that optimally cover almost all the face sizes.
  • With RGB LEDs users can customize the colors of the visual cues as per individual preferences.


iBand+ headband communicates with iBand+ app on your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can conveniently check your sleep statistics and improvement suggestions.

You can even customize your iBand+ from this app to set LED light patterns and the brightness as well as the audio cues.

Learn more hereFeatured image via The Gadget Flow.

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