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Look & feel good on your terms with The Lisa App

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Look & feel good on your terms with The Lisa App

LISA is the platform that gives you the personal services you want – where, when and how you want them at the price that suits you. Whether it’s getting your nails done within the hour, having a quick shave before an office presentation, indulging in a massage after the game or hosting an at-home girl’s night complete with hair and makeup styling, LISA connects you to independent licensed and certified artists who provide high-quality beauty services where and when you need them.


– Request a hair, facial, makeup, massage or nail service from licensed and certified professionals
– Select whether you want the service at home or somewhere else convenient
– Request an appointment now or schedule for later
– Cashless payments and tips
– Read reviews and rate your experience
– Provide you a free third-party security monitoring app for one year after your first use

So who is LISA?

The Lisa behind LISA doesn’t just stand with the thousands of Artists who make us look and feelgood every day, she’s been one herself for nearly 30 years. She started modeling at age 13.She fell in love with the magic behind, and before, the camera. She styled hair in San Diego and Chicago. She mastered makeup in Barcelona and color in New York City. She lived it and lovedher work. But she knew the beauty industry was broken. Together she and her husband Rob had the idea of giving the beauty industry back to the people who make it beautiful. Every detail of LISA is tested against the real lives of Lisa and hundreds of Artists – her friends, colleagues, mentors – with the goal of making this open marketplace application as indispensable as any tool in an Artist’s kit.

Every time you use LISA, you’re sparking a revolution for Artists everywhere; you’re helping them take control of their careers on their terms, while making it easier for everyone to look and feel good on their terms.

Availability: Currently available in Illinois, focusing on the Chicago area.

With LISA, everyone wins.  Learn more here Featured image via LISA’s vimeo.

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