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L’Oréal’s AI-Based Skin Diagnostic and the Future of Beauty


L’Oréal’s AI-Based Skin Diagnostic and the Future of Beauty

L’Oréal, the world’s largest beauty brand, made an exciting announcement regarding the launch of their brand-new AI-based skin diagnostic solution powered by the L’Oréal-acquired beauty technology company ModiFace.

Although AI-based skin diagnostic tools that help consumers figure out which products to use are no longer a novelty, this recent announcement by L’Oréal is significant from multiple perspectives. L’Oréal venturing into AI-based skin diagnostic solutions demonstrates to the rest of the market just how important these solutions have become. Consumers today are looking for engaging, personalized customer experiences from brands that generate emotions and invoke action. An AI-based skin diagnostics solution does exactly that.

Furthermore, L’Oréal’s announcement signals an important trend in beauty technology. It’s no coincidence that this announcement comes in early 2019, a year when beauty technology as a whole is set to come of age. Augmented reality-based virtual try-on solutions have dominated the beauty technology arena for multiple years, with many brands continuing to invest heavily in providing consumers with the ability to virtually try on products. Although these solutions are an important part of providing a truly individualized customer experience for beauty shoppers, standalone they are not enough. L’Oréal’s launch of a skin diagnostics solution highlights where the market is looking to go in the coming months and years.

True, individual-level personalization of the beauty customer experience is centered around diagnosing the individual’s skin. Only through performing such a diagnosis are brands able to help the user discover which products the individual consumer should consider using and why. Obviously, for these products, the ability to try them on virtually should be present as well.

Overall, this development from L’Oréal is very much in line with YouCam’s launch of the “Beauty 3.0” -concept and with the thinking that has already been front and center of us at Revieve since 2016. This change in direction spells exciting times ahead for beauty brands, retailers, and their technology partners in bringing the next generation of engaging, converting beauty experiences to life!

Article originally appeared on Beauty Matter. Image via Beauty Tomorrow.

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