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Lush Set to Open High-Tech Concept Store in Manchester


Lush Set to Open High-Tech Concept Store in Manchester

Lush is due to open the UK’s first high-tech “Naked” concept store in Manchester later this month, allowing users to scan items via an app to reduce packaging.

The beauty and cosmetics giant will open the doors to its new concept store on January 18, following the successful launch of two concept stores in Milan and Berlin.

In an effort to reduce plastic packaging, Lush shoppers will now be able to receive detailed ingredient information and “how to use” demonstrations digitally, via the recently launched #LushLabs app.

The app will utilize the experimental Lush Lens feature and machine learning to recognize every product in store via the shopper’s smart-phone camera, and provide them with all the information they need.

This follows the launch of Lush’s dedicated bath-bomb store in Harajuku, Japan, which used the same app to display a video of each bath-bomb in action, including detailed information like scent and what effect they have on your skin and mood.

Lush’s digital research and design team, dubbed Tech Warriors, are reportedly releasing a selection of work-in-progress experiments through the #LushLabs app.

Article originally appeared on Retail Gazette. Featured image via Lush UK.

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