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Make Your Personalized Cosmetics At-home with FIGURE

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Make Your Personalized Cosmetics At-home with FIGURE

A patented innovation.

Real beauty assistant, FIGURE is able to formulate on demand and at home, a serum or a cream 100% custom designed for your skin’s needs!

An unprecedented technology

After several years of research and development, the connected formulator FIGURE was born. Its patented processes for efficiency and ease of use have been the subject of more than five years of research and development.

A connected intelligence.

FIGURE is linked to the ROMY Paris application that analyses life events in real-time and determines the needs of the skin at any time.

A beauty diagnosis in real time.

The ROMY Paris app identifies your top cosmetics needs based on understanding your environment. Connected to your local weather, it studies your environment like air pollution levels, and temperature.

Connected to your health tools (connected tools or smart watches), it tracks your fitness level. All these essential parameters are analyzed instantaneously.

An exclusive design.

Elegance and comfort of use guided the design of this high-tech product that conceals its technology in favor of a pure, refined and intuitive aesthetic.
FIGURE is conceived, made and assembled in France.

Start the FIGURE’s experience.

Featured image via Romy-Paris.

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