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MAPO | World’s First Connected Beauty Mask with a Companion App

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MAPO | World’s First Connected Beauty Mask with a Companion App

After two years of R&D, enabling for the first time the convergence between a new generation of sensors and biology, Wired Beauty® has invented and patented MAPO®, a fully personalized connected, multi-function and easy-to-use beauty mask.

Your skin is a living barrier mainly composed of water. The water content plays a key role in cell renewal and skin protection. Everyday, your skin is exposed to various kinds of stress, like sun, pollution, smoke and inappropriate dermo-cosmetic routines. This leads to skin dehydration and premature aging. Everyone is concerned, since dry, combination and even oily skins can suffer from dehydration. We have developed MAPO® as a truly new service for your skin moisture to help optimize your beauty routine and make you skin more radiant.

How it works

MAPO® is made of different layers enabling all its technical features. Flexible electronics are safely integrated into soft medical grade silicon to ensure a soft and secure contact with your skin.
Data is gathered to a battery-powered gateway which transmit it to your smart phone via Bluetooth low energy.

Different heating zones, able to reach 40°C (104°F), are integrated into the flexible electronics. Placed on the forehead and the cheeks, they boost the efficiency of your applied skin care on these strategic places, whenever you choose to.

Service for your skin moisture

  • Your skin feels tight after you remove your makeup ? Now with MAPO® you can accurately measure the characteristics of your skin.
  • Think you do not have moisture problems, but your skin is under stress? MAPO® gives you accurate measurement and reinforces the action of your skincare by its SENSE&TREAT® technology.
  • Wondering whether your beauty routine is effective? MAPO® and the community-based Wired Beauty® App La Clinique Digitale help you find the right solutions.

What is Wired Beauty

Founded in 2013 by 2 French experienced entrepreneurs and specialists of the Cosmectic world, Wired Beauty® develops and industrializes connected beauty solutions based on:

  • A new generation of sensors measuring physiological and environmental parameters,
  • the integration of these sensors into easy-to-use devices,
  • a digital management of the collected data to provide innovative and tailored solutions to the consumers.

At Wired Beauty® we work on solutions to monitor your skin in real time and in real life to help you KNOW what your skin really NEEDS. We are inventing a new cosmetic.

Why design is important to us

At Wired Beauty®, design is decisive in our vision and it is part and parcel of our daily work. We integrate design both internally from the initial stage of our corporate, eco-system strategy and incorporate through design and together with our partner designers the plentiness of point of views that design offers to a project, to make it perfect and successful.

For MAPO®, we collaborate with A+A Cooren Design Studio in Paris. Arnaud and Aki immediately shared our intuition for MAPO®, especially thanks to their private connection between Europe and Asia (Aki is Japanese) and pushed it way further to make MAPO® a true design beauty tool from Paris.

Learn more here.

Featured image via Wired Beauty.


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