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Meet OKU: The World’s First iPhone Connected Anti-aging Device and App

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Meet OKU: The World’s First iPhone Connected Anti-aging Device and App

What is OKU?

OKU is the world’s first iPhone connected anti-aging device and app designed specifically to help you get your skin into its best shape. Connect OKU to your iPhone, download the app, answer a few simple questions about yourself to get started, scan your skin (as often as you like) and get real-time, personalized skincare advice to help your skin achieve its optimal youthful potential.

What does OKU do?

OKU looks beneath the surface of your skin and sees what you can’t see with the naked eye. It takes a scan of your skin, analyzes it in detail and combined with personal information on your diet, lifestyle and skincare usage gives you your Skinscore™. Your Skinscore™ tells you how well your skin is faring and identifies areas for improvement. It then helps you set a daily goal to achieve better skin.

OKU gives you the right lifestyle, diet and skincare product recommendations and advice on the right routine for your skin’s wellness. Much like a personal trainer, it helps you get your skin in the best shape it can be.

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Featured image via The Conspiracy.

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