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Sephora Announces 2018 Cohort of Beauty Startups


Sephora Announces 2018 Cohort of Beauty Startups

Sephora Accelerate is dedicated to building a community of innovative female founders in beauty. The months-long program begins with a one-week bootcamp where founders acquire the necessary skills to create a successful business. Together, founders learn from beauty mentors and seasoned entrepreneurs and prepare for a final Demo Day in the fall.  Check out the new 2018 Cohort below.

Cat Chen

Skylar Body, USA.

At Skylar Body, we offer natural, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free perfumes with at-home sampling. A team of experienced and passionate artisans create every bottle with care, right here in Los Angeles. Better sourced, better made, and better priced.

Iliana Loza

Ahal, Mexico.

In the AHAL Laboratory we formulate products with the minimum environmental impact, healthy and eco-conscious. We combine ingredients from around the world, creating a mix between herbalism and sustainable cosmetic technology.


Shuting Hu

SkinData China.

SkinData Limited represents a company dedicating to the advancement of naturally-sourced bioactive cosmetic ingredients and products to consumers seeking to mai.

Erika Milczek

Curie Co, USA

Curie Co is a life science company that engineers enzymes and fabricates biomaterials to replace harmful or banned chemicals found in consumer products and industrial processes. For partnership and inquires please contact

Nelly Pitt

BeautyMix. France.

BeautyByMe is a young family start-up composed of Nelly and her brother Mathieu. Their goal: to create new paths to beauty. More direct, more transparent, more eco-responsible paths. To achieve this goal, they are designing a new connected appliance: BeautyMix.

Kristen Miller

Mented Cosmetics. USA.

The perfect nude lip shades for women of color. Moisturizing semi-gloss lipsticks give the right texture and shine for the perfect nude lip.

Brandi Leifso

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics. Canada

EVIO BEAUTY GROUP is a family of conscious lifestyle brands that are good for your skin, planet and community.

Ming Zhao

Proven. USA

Tailor made by our award-winning scientists based on your: genetics. Ethnicity and skin type. environmental factors. Weather, humidity, dryness, sun exposure. lifestyle. Stress level, sleep amount, water levels. skin concerns & goals. Delay aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, general skin health. Start. Made by you.

Laure Bouguen

Ho Karan. France.

I founded HO KARAN with the aim of creating the first cannabis sativa care brand, based on the science behind the natural merits of this plant. Many studies (external link) have proven that oil from organic hemp (referred to as cannabis sativa in the cosmetics nomenclature) contains one of the most impressive ratios of omega-3s and omega-6s available.

Anju Rupal

Abhati Suisse. Switzerland.

Abhati Suisse is an ethically-minded skincare brand based in Switzerland, boasting deeply rooted Indian heritage. Its mission is to bring together the therapeutic virtues of Swiss botanicals and Ayurvedic plants from organic farms, to create a range of luxurious, sustainable and fair-trade beauty products.

Heather Ridout

Okira. Brazil.

Aromatic cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients, including essential oils and pure honey. Okira was inspired by the charms of northeastern Brazil. The products are a celebration of Northeastern biodiversity and aligned with the principles of responsible well-being.

Cathy Han

42 Technologies. USA.

We help retail companies to find the value in their data. We started 42 with the goal of being the most useful and loved data tool in retail.


Kylee Guenther

Spectalite. USA.

At Spectalite we have developed innovative technologies that enable us to use the incredible strength of bamboo to address some of the modern day challenges like Sustainability, Environment-hazard, Light-weighting and Cost-competitiveness.

Learn more about Sephora’s Accelerate Program here. Featured image via Sephora Stands/ YouTube.


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