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Stars are given a make-UNDER with an app that wipes all trace of cosmetics from photos


Stars are given a make-UNDER with an app that wipes all trace of cosmetics from photos

We’re used to seeing celebrities preened to perfection, with glamorous gowns, voluminous blow-dries and, of course, immaculate makeup.

But a new app reveals what some of the best known stars in showbiz might look like without the help of their glam squad.

The app, called MakeApp, digitally ‘removes’ all trace of cosmetics from photographs, and it has been road-tested on some of the most flawless faces on the red carpet.

Celebrities given a digital make-under by the app include the Duchess of Cambridge, Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and even Prime Minister Theresa May.

After downloading the app, users can let MakeApp wipe away their own carefully applied ‘face’ on photos – or for a more enjoyable experience, use it to add cosmetics instead with a variety of looks – similar to Instagram filters. 

It works with both videos and pictures, and allows users to lighten the skin, minimise redness, or tone down harsh lipstick.

But while the app has caused something of a stir online, it has not been met with unanimous approval, with Revelist calling it ‘a subtler form of shaming’.

The lifestyle site hit out at the makers of the app, calling them ‘beauty-hating trolls’, writing: ‘If a woman steps out with makeup on her face, it’s because that’s the image that she wants to convey that day.

‘It’s not up to us, or up to some creep with an iPhone, to determine what she “really” looks like underneath her makeup. If a woman is wearing makeup, it’s presumably because she WANTS to, and robbing her of that right is totally unfair.’

Article originally appeared on DailyMailFeatured image via MakeApp/ Google Play.


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