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Two of the Largest Providers of On-Demand Beauty, Priv and beGlammed, Announce Merger


Two of the Largest Providers of On-Demand Beauty, Priv and beGlammed, Announce Merger

Priv and beGlammed, technology front-runners in the on-demand beauty services industry, have merged.

As a result of this merger, Priv will be the U.S. market leader in the on-demand beauty and wellness space. Priv is a one-stop shop that delivers vetted beauty and wellness professionals straight to your door with the touch of a button. Both on-demand beauty services companies, Priv and beGlammed, were founded in 2014.

Joseph Terzi, Founder of Priv and CEO of the succeeding entity, says, “With five times as many markets and three times as many services as any direct competitor, there is now no question that Priv is the most robust platform in the on-demand beauty and wellness industry.”

Terzi continues, “beGlammed’s well-established geographic footprint in 32 markets, carefully vetted team of dedicated beauty pros and high touch client service merged with Priv’s fully-integrated technology platform, and more than 500,000 combined registered users, provides a hybrid solution that is abundantly scalable yet retains some of the personal touch that our clients desire.”

The new entity will continue under the name Priv and will service 32 cities and offer select hair, makeup, nails, spa, fitness and grooming services for both women and men.

Additional changes that will come about as a result of the merger include a revamped client experience propelled by Priv’s seamless technology and greater exposure for the 30,000+ beauty professionals in the new Priv network.

“Our promise is to infuse all the high touch elements of beGlammed and Priv into one unforgettable experience with the ease of technology,” said James Bradicich, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of Priv. “Our two families are becoming one and will continue to deliver and further build the signature services our clients have come to love.”

The two companies have raised more than $15 million during the lifespan of their businesses with repeat investors from the U.S. and Europe. 

Featured article originally appeared on Beauty Packaging. Featured image via Time Out.

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