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Welcome to the smart surface revolution – Myra Mirrors


Welcome to the smart surface revolution – Myra Mirrors

The future is now. The apps and information we love and use are quickly becoming a dynamic part of the surfaces around us. Whether it is your mirror or your office wall that is becoming smart, Myra is making it all possible.

In your Home


Customize your smart mirror by picking your facets and downloading new ones.

Seamless Integration

Your morning routine will go uninterrupted yet you’ll stay updated on things such as the weather and news, or just listen to music while getting ready.


Use voice commands, our web site, or our mobile application to control your mirror.

At your Business


Give your business waiting area or restroom some style.


Push company news and advertisements in a fun and new way.


Keep clients and customers entertained with various facets.

In your Hotel Room


Let your mirror act as a concierge. Give maps, menus, and information to better their stay.


Watch live TV and YouTube while getting ready for your day.


Enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Check out the in-house Prototype.

Featured image and video via Myra Mirrors.

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