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You Can Buy Hair Spray With Bitcoin Now

Blockchain Technology

You Can Buy Hair Spray With Bitcoin Now

When you think of the ways that beauty and technology intersect, you probably think of breakthroughs in formula or packaging, not bitcoin. But taking risks is the modus operandi at R+Co, the beauty collective founded by stylists Howard McLaren, Thom Priano, and Garren. For R+Co, incorporating bitcoin into their business model is a logical next step. According to President Dan Langer:

“Blockchain technology is going to be one of the future disruptors in the beauty industry. It will allow consumers the ability to leverage their data and purchase behavior in all kinds of new shopping ways … from reviews to rewards to product benefits. In order to stay at the forefront of this emerging thinking we wanted to integrate components of it while still in its early stages — like paying with Bitcoin — and learn with it as it evolves.”

Once you decide to use bitcoin at R+Co, the online checkout experience remains pretty much the same. After entering in your billing and shipping information, you are prompted to choose a payment method from “Credit card” or “bitcoin and bitcoin cash.” Once you select the bitcoin option, you are transferred to a different website, BitPay, where a timer counts down the 15 minutes you have to complete your purchase. All in all, it’s not exactly Blade Runner, but it does feel very slightly like the future.

The article originally appeared on The CutPhotographed by Tom Newton via Into the Gloss.

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