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Your mouth is ready to see the light with PhotOral

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Your mouth is ready to see the light with PhotOral

PhotOral’s innovative smart light technology battles your bad bacteria leaving behind only your heathy oral flora which is critical to good health

Innovative smart light technology meets oral wellness with next-generation oral care from PhotOral® Labs. Developed by the world’s leading researchers in photomedicine, PhotOral® personal care devices take your health to new heights by reversing poor oral health and balancing your mouth’s microbiome. It works by targeting pathogenic bacteria that not only reside throughout your mouth’s ecosystem but migrate to your body and even to others. Protect your health and your loved ones with phototherapy devices by PhotOral® and get Your Mouth Fit for Life.

Balance your mouth-south

Your mouth is a 24/7 hotbed of activity. And just like your life, it needs care and balance. Each time you use PhotOral® you’re taking that extra step to balance your mouth’s microbiome by eliminating the nasty bacteria your mouth encounters. Your good bacteria stays intact. And that’s a beautiful thing. Because by achieving total oral wellness, you give your body peace of mind. Healthy mouth, healthy body… Now that’s a connection your busy lifestyle demands.

 Light a wellness path

If the oral cavity is the major gateway to the human body, then the oral microbiome is its passport! Harboring more than 600 microorganisms, this intelligent ecosystem functions as a conductor of wellness when stimulated and properly balanced. Daily blue light therapy by PhotOral® helps manage that mouth-to-body connection—providing a crucial link to your overall systemic health.

 Track your oral routine

Your personal PhotOral® device pairs with a customizable mobile app for visual tracking of your progress. Monitor your health —right at your fingertips— by staying apprised of bacterial levels and logging mouth-style activity. Receive usage alerts, daily reminders and coaching tips from a wellness expert to keep you and your oral game on track.

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